Piyokuru 'Zoku Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-' 02

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ぴよくる 続『刀剣乱舞-花丸-』02
Characters from "Zoku Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-" are joining the Piyokuru series! There are six different characters to collect: Monoyoshi Sadamune, Kikkou Sadamune, Odenta Mitsuyo, Maeda Toushiro, Higekiri and Hizamaru!

  • Manufacturer: ORANGE ROUGE
  • Series: Zoku Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-
  • Release Date: 2018/11
  • Jan Code: 4580416937740
  • Product Code: 4580416937740
  • Details: Painted ABS products. Each approximately 60mm in height. 1 boxset contains six units. Total of six to collect.
  • Retail Price: 2,700 Yen (tax included)
  • Normal Price: S$44.00